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Denise Baich, MNT, Pedicure Plus, St. Louis, MO

These programs are for licensed nail technicians and cosmetologists only
Your Income Expand Your Career Options with NCA Specialization Programs

Your Income Expand Your Career Options with NCA Specialization Programs

Who We Are?

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After purchase, mentoring is available to provide support in the new way of working.

NCA has an active community on Facebook for our students/graduates only titled Nailcare Academy Forum and invites you to join immediately upon purchasing.

Nailcare Academy is online learning for Nail Technicians at its best!

These programs are designed to increase the success of nail technicians, to train them to work safely with the chronically ill, and to raise the level of respect for them in their community. Come grow with NCA!

The courses are available 24/7 where Internet is available

Each core course has 10 Modules of progressive, topical learning.

Study Questions are available for each module to enhance learning.

Learning exercises are available after each module.

Free marketing and management materials are available to support success.

Important short courses are an available to support your success

Free support courses are available for graduates only.

NCA courses are upgraded routinely when new information becomes available.

Courses can be re-entered forever by purchasers for review or to see the upgrades.

NCA’s Core Courses for 20% off



ANT+WNT+MNT Internship Bundle

For a limited time, a bundle of the NCA Core courses is offered containing the Advanced Nail Technician Program, the Wellness Nail Technician, and the Medical Nail Technician Internship Programs at a 20% discount. Payment plans available.

Take your career to the highest potential possible in safety, satisfaction and earnings through certifications in these courses. 

A free comprehensive program is available only to WNT and MNT graduates, Becoming a 6 Figure Nail Technician, a $499 value launching November 1. Free mentoring is offered by JanMc to any WMT/MNT who takes it.

What Our Students Have To Say...

LaToya, we are so proud of all you have accomplished. You're a shining star and we know your clients are so grateful to have you.

I used to work in Healthcare. My whole life, I’ve always wanted to do something to help people and take care of them. Nursing was just not as fulfilling as I hoped it would be. Long hours and little pay. Dying to do something creative, I decided to do nails. Never in my life have I ever heard of a “waterless pedicure” or “medical pedicure”, until I discovered Erika with NuFeet. I was shocked and amazed! Once I found out that these classes were being taught, I dived in head first! Best decision I have ever made for my nail career! Nailcare Academy has totally changed the game for me! So glad I found them and I am proud to be The First Safe Salon Certified tech listed in Tennessee! Thanks NCA!

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Because it’s the latest, most up-to-date online education on the topics

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Nailcare Academy?

"I checked out the other company for getting my MNT which was a lot cheaper, even took the free modules, but I decided to take this route (NCA) – it just seemed higher quality. I’m so glad I did!"

Olivia Neely Clemmons, Newton, NC

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