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Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®)

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®)

The ANT Certification Program is for the salon-based licensed nail technician seeking a more successful and challenging career. This program is the prerequisite for the FNT/MNT. Updated Feb. 2022

Footcare Nail Technician (FNT)

Footcare Nail Technician (FNT)

The FNT Certification Program takes the ANT to the next level of information, expanding their skillset and information toward providing safe, aseptic services for all clients. Updated Feb 2022.

NCA Medical Nail Tech (MNT)

NCA Medical Nail Tech (MNT)

The NCA MNT Program takes the ANT on a new career track into providing cosmetic services in a medical setting. This program is the same content as the Footcare Nail Technician Program but requires an Internship.

NCA Internship Program

The Nailcare Academy Internship Program provides instruction on how to obtain and complete a forty-hour internship with a foot care medical provider. Its value is in knowing what your clients experience when going to a podiatrist. It is a required experience for the NCA MNT Certification.

Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Setting

This course is written especially for podiatrists or other medical providers who want to bring a nail technician into their busy practices with the least amount of hassle. Wellness Pedicures and other cosmetic services can also be added. A step-by-step track is described.

Nail Technicians Working with Physicians

Nail Technicians Working with Physicians

Techs learn to be a physician’s extender by relieving the doctor of the routine foot care (cosmetic level) in a medical setting. This program will also support technicians in their decision-making process for working with a physician, or not. Working in a medical setting is different!

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