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WNT Bundle + MNT Internship Program … a track of the core NCA programs, the Advanced Nail Technician, Wellness Nail Technician and Medical Nail Technician Internship Programs, all purchased at once toward attaining the ANT, WNT and MNT Certifications. A huge first-time ever discount!

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Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®)

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®)

The ANT Certification Program is for the salon-based licensed nail technician seeking a more successful and challenging career. The ANT enables the technician to market safety and enhanced skills to clients who will never leave you. The ANT enhances your career as well as your income and raises the level of respect offered from and your value to your clients.
This program is the prerequisite for the Wellness Nail Technician Program.
Updated September 2022

NCA Medical Nail Tech (MNT)

Wellness Nail Technician (WNT) Bundle

WNT Program Bundle includes the ANT & WNT and brings our careers into sync with the new mindset of health and wellness in our communities. It trains NTs to work safely not only with routine clients, but also the elderly or chronically ill and those referred by physicians and podiatrists. The WNT also addresses Wellness for Nail Technicians.
ANT Graduates, see the Courses list above & click on WNT - Wellness Nail Technician for purchase of the WNT only.
Published, November 2022

MNT Internship Program

The Nailcare Academy Internship Program provides instruction on how to obtain and complete a forty-hour internship with a foot care medical provider. The value of an Internship is in knowing what your clients experience when going to a podiatrist, in how to communicate with a physician, and in how to work comfortably in a medical environment within your scope of practice.
The ANT and Wellness Programs are prerequisites to this program.
Updated January 2023

Electric Filing Nailcare Training

Using an E-File in
Hand and Foot Care

This foundational course in the safe use of an electric file for hand and foot care services is a great place for licensed nail technicians to become comfortable with an e-file. Mastering the use of an electric file requires both theory and understanding of the principles, but also hands-on training.

Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Setting

This course is written especially for podiatrists or other medical providers who want to bring a nail technician into their busy practices with the least amount of hassle. Wellness Pedicures and other cosmetic services can also be added. A step-by-step track is described.

Nail Technicians Working with Physicians

Nail Technicians Working with Physicians

Techs learn to be a physician’s extender to relieve the doctor of the routine foot care (cosmetic level) in a medical setting. This program will also support technicians in their decision-making process for working with a physician, or not. Working in a medical setting is different!

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