Advanced Nail Technician Program Third Edition Announced

The Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program (ANT) biennial revision and update.
Below is a 4-minute excerpt from the ANT Program, Module 1, featuring our new presentation design:

“In this 3rd Edition of the ANT program, we have added new important information from agencies such as the CDC, OSHA and WHO to keep our programs up-to-date and relevant for our nail technicians,” states Janet McCormick, original author of this program and Co-Founder of Nailcare Academy. “We have committed to keeping our students informed when events such as the Zika outbreak and other health concerns hit the media. They need to know how it affects them in the salon.”

In addition to adding updated content, the entire program has been restyled. “We’ve changed the template design to something fresh and easy to read for portability to small hand-held devices,” shares Karen Hodges, Co-Founder and ‘Chief of all things technical,’ according to McCormick. “We’ve added hundreds of photos and graphic images, and and embedded several small mini-videos to demonstrate specific techniques,” she states.  There have been several changes in the program:

  • The program has been re-voiced to make each module more consistent in sound clarity and volume
  • New learning tools such as matching games and fill-in-the-blank quizzes have been added to the modules
  • Some of the forms and other collateral materials have been revised or improved
  • We are introducing our Advisory Board Members Steven Frank, DPM, and Anna Marie Chwastiak, DPM – both highly sought after podiatrists who have given us valuable feed back in refining the modules
  • For the first time the viewer will be able choose how to view the program: they can let the slide show advance by itself, or click through slide-by-slide, by which will make review and study easier. “This is quite a breakthrough for us, because in the past it has been a challenge to securely offer the slide show across all playback platforms. Our webmaster is a genius!” enthuses Hodges.

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