Another Nailcare Academy Success Story

Advanced Nail Technician Letisha Royster seeks to bring safety back into the salon.

As a licensed and highly trained nail technician, Letisha Royster of Atlanta, Georgia, is on a mission to provide safe hand and foot care for all her clients—and especially for those who have health concerns. One of a growing number of nail professionals who has achieved the prestigious Advanced Nail Technician Certification (ANT), Royster is focusing her practice on providing safe, aseptic care for the hands and feet of her clients. “I was introduced to the Advanced Nail Technician certification program while attending the Nail Technology Program at International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy (ISSNMT). I was thrilled to find this program because it perfectly fits my passion for taking care of my clients.”

ISSNMT is the exclusive school-based provider of the ANT Certification in the Atlanta Metroplex. ISSNMT owner Pamela Jones states, “We are excited aboutIMG_7413 sending our students out into the workforce with a higher level of knowledge and training. Also, we are bringing a new approach for safe, healthful nail services to our community.”

This is a much needed service for all American communities: according to the CDC diabetes has doubled, then doubled again since the turn of the millennium. “An estimated 12.6% of adults over 20 have diabetes (2011-2014.)” This number is expected to continue to grow unless major lifestyle changes are embraced by Americans. Why is this important to know when talking about nail salons? Because the potential for injury for a diabetic is catastrophic.

Diabetics often have neuropathy (failure of the nervous system-i.e. loss of sensation) as a symptom of their diabetes. This prevents them from feeling when they’ve been nicked by an implement, or abraded with a file or buffer. These small skin breaks or wounds would be insignificant for most people, but those with chronic illnesses do not heal as readily as those without. Persons with Diabetes, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Lupus and other chronic conditions simply cannot afford to risk infection.

Royster understands these risks very well and has set up
“waterless” or “soakless” manicure and pedicure services to reduce cross-contamination during hand and foot care. “I had a diabetic client who had a waterless pedicure for the first time. She didn’t know what to expect; however, she was very surprised and told me it was the best experience she’d ever had. She loved that she was relaxed, well pampered, and felt safe during her pedicure treatment.”

The Advanced Nail Technician program was written by Nailcare Academy Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges, who between them have over 50-years of experience in salons. McCormick shares, “My background in dentistry before I moved into the beauty industry in 1980 gave me a very different view of safety and sanitation in salons. I was appalled by the lack of aseptic techniques in all phases of salon services, so I have devoted this career to education and safety training.”

Nailcare Academy offers other certification programs. Royster has also completed her Safe Salon Concepts Certification and is enrolled in the Medical Nail Tech Certification Program. To achieve certification as a Medical Nail Tech, Royster will complete another 10 modules of training, pass a comprehensive examination and perform a 40-hour proctored internship under the direct supervision of a foot care physician or podiatrist. She will be among the most highly qualified nail care providers in Atlanta salons.

Clients who require nail services at this higher level will be able to find Royster at Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa by emailing her at or by calling her at (404) 981-4841.

For more information about ISSNMT, Atlanta, visit or call 404-843-1005.

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