ANT Activity Sheet – Things to Do Next…NOW!

To gain the most benefit from your courses you must follow through now to become a full member of the Nailcare Academy community.

  1. Go to Facebook and request to be accepted into our private group. Search: “The Nailcare Academy Forum” and Janet will approve you. We hope you will contribute/participate in our discussions. Suggestion: Read past posts. The professionals in this group help each other often.
  2. Hang your (nicely) framed certificates, your Safe Salon pledge placard and put up your window clings anywhere you can. They invite questions and are actively marketing you by hanging out!!
  3. Use the downloadable logos we provide on your salon materials – cards, brochures, flyers and so on. It’s important. If you want help/editing for your brochures, give Janet a call.
  4. Next, go to and check out our free listing of safe salons. You must be an ANT Nailcare Academy graduate to be listed on this directory. You will be manually added after meeting this criterion IF all your information is available (name, salon name, city/state, salon telephone number) for the listing. Check the list for your presence. If it is not there, provide the information to Janet for your addition. (Added July 2023)
  5. Go to Module 10 and download the marketing collateral for your editing and use. Change/edit the pieces to become “you,” and then use them. Are you using the edited “Because We Care” brochure with your current clients for your in-client marketing?
  6. Make up a marketing folder/presentation for podiatrists and others, get out of the salon and market yourself! Call Janet if you need help with the contents! Now is the time to do that!!
  7. Go to and click on Blogs on the home page to read them and then come back often to see when new ones go up!
  8. Sign up for the free courses for graduates only. Free education! What more can you ask? Want to write one? We will support you in doing that on our site. We need to learn from each other!
  9. Contribute to the success of your NCA peers. We are not ordinary “me only” nail professionals as we realize there are plenty of feet out there who need us, and we must support each other to achieve our highest success.
  10. Send out Press Releases to your local publications. There are samples in Module 10—there is a download in the blogs to help you write them.

Janet is an active mentor for NCA graduates. She is here to support you when you need it or just to chat along the way! Janet – 863-273-9134

Welcome to the Nailcare Academy Community

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