The ANT/MNT/WNT Scope of Practice

The ANT/MNT/WNT Scope of Practice

Reality: a nail technician’s scope of practice is the same in a podiatry office as in a salon in your state or country. In most cases, you are a cosmetic nail technician, even if your certificate says, “Medical Nail Technician.” A medical nail technician is a cosmetic nail technician who

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      By Denise Baich, ANT, SSC, FNT, MNT How many times has this happened to you: “Hi, _____!  I am so sorry to call so late but…” We are booked to the hilt, with many people waiting to get an appointment with us, and then the cancellation call comes.

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Is Your Email Address Working With You or Against You?

Email names are important! They can be a positive for your business and your branding…or they can can work against you. Which is the case for you? When choosing an email address, consider the following factors: Consider the image your email address offers in your business communications. It will reflect

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NA MNT 3rd Ed. Program Update Released

Nailcare Academy Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges believe in keeping it relevant, so they regularly add to and revise their online training programs. Fort Myers, FL, November 14, 2019.  Today the 3rd Edition of Nailcare Academy’s Medical Nail Tech – MNTTM Certification Program went live. “All ten modules of

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Discount Coupon Programs – Yes or No?

Should you sign up for a coupon discount program? There are a number of 3rd party coupon and promotion providers and whether you use Groupon, Living Social, Spa Finder, Amazon Local, Google Offers or another brand, all can help you build your business.  The best use of these platforms as

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Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT®)
Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®)

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®) - 6th Ed. - revised 2022. The ANT Certification Program is

ANT/FNT Bundle
Footcare Nail Technician (FNT)

The ANT/FNT Bundle of courses contains three separate Certifications: The Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®), the

NCA Medical Nail Tech Program (MNT®)

The  NA Medical Nail Tech-MNT is a cutting edge training program designed and continually updated

Footcare Nail Technician Program (FNT)

The Footcare Nail Technician-FNT is a cutting edge training program designed and continually updated to