Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Setting

Announcing a New Course –  Available to Podiatrists, Physicians, other Medical Providers

Nailcare Academy is pleased to announce the launch of a new course in their line up of career-changing offerings.  Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Setting is a five-module program which covers the various components needed in order to successfully integrate cosmetic foot care, an intriguing new service, into practice. This business model is suitable for a podiatry office, clinic, assisted living facility, hospital, etc.

These “cash-on-the-counter” services are much needed in every community–there is a growing demographic of “Baby Boomers” who are seeking safe, careful care of their feet. Americans are living longer–and they have more chronic health conditions that require special consideration in their foot care. These persons are paying attention and do not want to risk the dangers that are portrayed in the media of common “nail shops” where corners are often cut. They are seeking safe, healthful foot care, and who better to provide it than their trusted medical provider?

For many years, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have incorporated cosmetic procedures into their practices.  This option is also available to podiatrists, foot surgeons, diabetes specialists and others through the addition of cosmetic foot care. Rather than reinventing the wheel, why not learn from experts who have a successful track record setting up this type of “boutique” clientele.

Resources included in the Modules are:

-Checklists of supplies, equipment and materials needed to set up a “cosmetic foot care room”

-Timelines for the practice and the staff with activities for creating a successful launch

-Information on compensation packages

-Discussion of pricing strategies

…and much more

If you are a medical provider who does foot care,  this course has been infused with proven marketing activities which will create a buzz in your community and bring awareness to an important safety issue, especially for the elderly. Offering cosmetic foot care in a properly staffed practice will free up medical providers for more crucial–and lucrative–procedures such as surgeries.

If you are a nail technician seeking to change your career–take it to a higher level of care for your clients–then this is a course you can recommend to your local podiatrist as you negotiate your new career track. There are guidelines for both the nail technician and the business owner in this course.

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