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Electric Filing Training Program

Nailcare Academy Electric Filing Training Program This foundational course leads to the certification in safe electric filing for the licensed nail technician who completes the course requirements. The learning is presented in slide format with voice-over and videos, including a video presentation of Pedicures with Electric Files. You will learn: How electric filing in nail …

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Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT)®

Advanced education for licensed nail professionals. This course provides relevant information for the nail tech in working safely with all clients – especially those who have special health concerns. Those with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, heart conditions and other chronic illnesses, cannot risk pedicures with less than excellent infection control. This course teaches you how …

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Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Setting

***Available to Medical Providers who wish to add cosmetic foot care to their practices*** This 5-Module program will cover the various components needed in order to successfully integrate cosmetic foot care, an intriguing new service, into your podiatry office, clinic, assisted living facility, hospital, etc. Americans are longer–and they have more chronic health conditions that …

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NCA MNT Internship Program

The Nailcare Academy Internship Program ***Requires completion of the Advanced Nail Technician Program and Descriptions of the Core Courses offered by Nail Care Academy The Advanced Nail Technician Program A program for nail technicians who wish to advance their skills to a high level of safety. This advanced career development course covers many topics that …

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Sample Course

This course is designed to grant the viewer a peek into the training available at Nailcare Academy. The modules shown are representative of the content in our advanced career development courses. However, this Sample Course is not intended to fully educate on any one topic, nor is it eligible for any Nailcare Academy certification programs. …

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NCA Medical Nail Tech Program (MNT®)

***Requires Completion of the Advanced Nail Technician and the Wellness Nail Technician Program as prerequisites to taking this program. *** The NCA Medical Nail Tech Certification is designed specifically to train you to work successfully in a medical setting – whether a physician’s office, medical clinic, long-term care facility and many other venues. Your advanced …

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