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The Nailcare Academy Internship Program

***Requires completion of the Footcare Nail Technician(FNTTM) OR NA Medical Nail Tech Certification(MNT®) as a prerequisite.***

This program is a 40-hour proctored internship working in a medical setting under the supervision of a Certified Foot Care Nurse (CFCN®), a physician or podatrist who performs foot care. This internship is intended to give a nail technician who desires a career change the opportunity to experience working in a medical office, clinic, hospital or other venue such as an assisted living facility.

The NA MNT’s role would be providing cosmetic services under state license that are also defined as Routine Foot Care by Medicare: trimming the nails, thinning thickened nails, reducing calluses and applying moisturizer. This module is designed to guide the nail technician in what the expectations should be working in the professional setting of a medical practice.

Information is given to help the NA MNT obtain an internship, learn how to foster referral relationships with medical providers and a basic vocabulary for working in the medical field. A Skills Log is provided to direct the nail tech’s learning. A Preceptor’s Manual is also provided to the CFCN® or physician to communicate the goals and intents of the training they will be overseeing.

The price of the Internship Module is included in the NA MNT package. FNTs may elect to take the Internship program if they choose. Upon completion, they will receive the NA MNT Certification.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Please be certain of your purchase.