NA Medical Nail Tech Program (MNT®)

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***Requires Completion of the ANT® Program as a prerequisite (included in purchase price)***

The NA Medical Nail Tech Certification is designed specifically to train you to work successfully in a medical setting – whether a physician’s office, medical clinic, long-term care facility and many other venues. Your training as a nail technician in providing cosmetic services or Routine Foot Care for clients will be augmented to allow you to safely work with those who have special health considerations.

This Certification will uniquely qualify you to provide cosmetic services that a medical or podiatric assistant cannot: after performing Routine Foot Care, you will be able to finish the patient’s nails in a pedicure. You will also be able to perform toe nail enhancement services for those with healthy, yet damaged nail plates.

The NA MNT includes an mandatory 40-hour Internship program, where you will seek interning in a medical setting to support your learning and skills. We also recommend this portion of the program to help you determine if this is a career you will choose. You must purchase the NA Internship Module to get the information you will need to complete your Internship.

There is a $17.95 processing fee through PayPal for each Certification Packet, once you have submitted a Course Survey. The Certificate Packet will contain a numbered, high-quality displayable Certificate ready for framing, special offers from our participating industry partners and a professional achievement pin to be worn while working.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible.