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This course is meant to be taken after completing the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®) Training Program. It cannot be purchased by itself.

This Safe Salon® course is meant to be a bonus course that summarizes the teaching in the ANT Program and an additional marketing opportunity for ANTs to help get their message out into their communities. The Safe Salon® Concept Certification Program is all encompassing–professionals and support staff in the salon or spa can benefit from incorporating Safe Salon training.

This copyrighted course consists of two Modules of learning needed to properly establish a Safe Salon and then to market your new training in a way sure to attract a new clientele—clients who are searching for a safe place to have their salon services.

Module 1 covers the rationale behind a Safe Salon and why it is so urgently needed in America—information that will aid you in communicating with not only your clients, but the physicians with which you hope to create referral relationships. Also discussed are the components of a Safe Salon and the Principles upon which the professionals and the facility must stand in order to claim the status of a Certified Salon®.

Module 2 explains the steps needed to “Go Safe”, what you must do and in what order to successfully launch your new Safe Salon Concepts. It gives you specific tasks to perform to properly introduce your new concepts in a way that will maximize the momentum you will create as you share this new education training and certification with your community.

The 25-question exam covers important terms, concepts, techniques and facts you will need as you shift your focus on this next level of achievement. Upon successfully passing the exam and completing the Certification process you will receive materials you can display to proudly declare your status as a Certified Safe Salon®.

The Certificate Packet is an additional $17.95 purchased through PayPal and can only be purchased by those who have completed the course and submitted a Course Survey. The Certificate Packet will contain a numbered, high-quality displayable Certificate ready for framing, special offers from our participating industry partners, a window cling you can place on a window or your door and a frameable plaque containing the components of the Safe Salon Concept that you pledge to follow.

NOTE:  We are in the process of incorporating the Safe Salon Concepts (SSC) program into the ANT Modules. You may see these two modules also on your list of modules in the ANT program. It does not matter if you access these two modules by clicking below or if you click in from the ANT list of modules. 

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. If you are reading this notice, there will be no refund.