Defining a Six-Figure + Nail Technician

by Janet McCormick, MS
Is this your goal? Many NCA graduates have achieved this goal. And MORE.

A six-figure + nail technician is a licensed nail professional that makes $100,000 per year or more – we have many that are doing this. Totally or equivalently. The first one, Totally, is easily defined in January (if not before) – you’ve actually made over $100,000 that year. Equivalently is how you define how you are doing at the present moment in time – if you do the figures at various times in a year, you will know how you are doing toward making $100,000 plus a year and are able to see what you must do to get there. 

So, let’s define what a 6-figure + Nail Technician must produce to make $100,000 in a year. (Production is your total brought in per hour/week/month in the hours worked.)  First, divide the $100,000 by how many weeks the technician works. If it is 50 weeks a year, a 6-fig NT would be bringing in $1997 average per week (rounded up to $2000), or $399.4 per day (rounded up to $400). So, how is your track toward being a 6-fig NT? I am going to go out on a limb here and say if you add up your days working for a month (20 days?) and average that amount ($400 per day), you ARE equivalently a six-figure + nail technician right now. Though initially you may not show that $100,000 at the end of the year, if you are doing that for 3 months straight, you are on track and next year it will be there (or more) to see. Checking to see your equivalency for being a 6-fig NT can be very encouraging and stimulating.

Let’s break it down to hourly. At $400/day and you work 8 hours (FYI, most NTs work an average of 9 hours per day.), you must average $50 coming in per hour. FYI, that is NOT difficult to do if you do what we say in the program (even with a few “slow times”), and charge what you are worth. Put your figures together and see what the hourly average would be at your hours? Are you? Check and see. See if it averages $50 an hour. If so, if you are already equivalent to a 6-figure + nail technician!  Most nail technicians are not, as yet, but could be on a track there if they follow the NCA recommendations.

So the secret? Get these important certifications, follow the recommendations, get mentoring and charge what you are worth with your them so at less book (80%?) you will be over $100,000. Easily. And not killing yourself! Those of you that I have mentored know what I say about “average prices”: with your education, you MUST raise your prices. You are worth more, no matter where you live. Really. Just do it as we say and there you will be!

Just so you know. We have many NCA graduates making 6 figures and many who also are making much higher than $100,000 at NET, not gross. Actually, NCA has four-day work week graduates that are making more than six figures. Some NCA grads are already at $150,000 per year and going higher. And many of those started at 0 (zero) clientele. Yes, it was painful at first. But every one of these techs at six figures plus was at 6-figures by their third year after graduating from NCA – and doing what we say.

So, do your math, and if you are an NCA graduate and too far from that goal, call me. We need to get you moving! We know you can do it; let’s get you there. Or call one of the technicians I am putting up on my “Consulting Available” page. They have experienced this track and can help you in getting to $100,000+ from first-hand experience.

“Love what you do, but make money at it, too.” 

Watch for a coming course, titled “A Track to Becoming a Six-Figure + Nail Technician.”

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