Death of a Salon by Discount Coupons

My personal thoughts on coupons…

Unless you are just starting out or really need new clients AND you can negotiate a decent deal with a third-party company involving at least some profit on your side of the deal, don’t do a coupon, especially a third party. To figure this out you need to know the core costs of the service – do you know how to figure that out? If not, go to Nailpro and search for the article I wrote on costing services. Reality is, if you are new or not highly profitable, coupons can literally put you under if you let-them-have-it-their-way!

Know your business and what you need to pay your bills before you coupon – whether you do it on your own or with a third-party company. Know this, a third-party company will get the most out of the deal unless you watch the contract closely. And this is not JMHO! This discussion is derived from comments made by salons/spas who suffered the consequences of allowing the company handling the coupons to control the negotiations and not the salon/spa owners.

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