FAQ – ANT Program

What are the prerequisites for signing up for the Advanced Nail Technician Program?

Enrollees must be attending or a graduate of a nail or cosmetology program of an accredited pre-license nail course in his/her state, hold a valid state license for performing nail services or similar professional certification for their locale.

Is this course accredited in my state? 

This is a career development course and would not be accepted in lieu of education provided by a state-sanctioned school.  No “accreditation” is necessary from or required by any state. This “advanced specialty program” changes the career outlook of those who complete the modules and are certified.

How much does it cost?

The price for the ANT is $347. If purchased as a bundle, you will also receive a second course at no charge: Safe Salon Concepts – a value of $77. Please contact us to request assistance if you have any questions and indicate if you prefer to pay with Square or PayPal.

There is a $17.95 processing fee through PayPal for each Certification Packet, once you have submitted a Course Survey. The ANT Certificate Packet will contain a numbered, high-quality displayable Certificate ready for framing, special offers from our participating industry partners and a clothing patch to wear while working.

Does this course offer continuing education credits?

No, it does not for several reasons.  One important reason is that only a handful of people have asked for them over the years and that does not justify spending the thousands to become approved again in all states who require them. We are happy to provide an outline for those who are in states that require CEs and award CEs for their professionals on that basis.

I live outside the United States. Can I take the program?

Yes, certain countries are eligible, though you must obtain our approval first. You must be working as a nail professional in your country of residence, according to your country’s regulations and be able to prove that you are.

Do I have to attend an actual school to get the information?

The information in the course is available online anytime, anywhere you have internet access. But schools that meet NA’s standards may also offer the ANT Program.

What if I want to take both the ANT and the FNT (or NA MNT)?

You can purchase a bundle of the courses you want:  The FNT Bundle includes the ANT (10 Modules), Safe Salon (2 Modules) and the FNT (10 modules) = 22 modules, 3 tests and 3 Certifications. The MNT bundle is exactly the same as the FNT PLUS an additional internship module that will offer guidance to you through the process of obtaining an internship.

How do I register?

To enroll, you must simply add the course to your cart, apply any applicable Coupon Code, and complete your purchase. In this process you will set up your User Profile and be directed to PayPal for payment.

What is the tuition for the program?

 Tuition for the Advanced Nail Technician Program is $347.00 USD. It can be paid through PayPal or credit card via Square. This program is bundled with an additional certification program, the Safe Salon Concepts certification program. This is a savings of $77 for you!

Can I share this program with my co-workers?

This program is copyrighted and your enrollment is good for only one student–just like a college course, only one person can attend. Sharing is not permitted.

How do I pay for the course?

Nailcare Academy can take payment via PayPal or send an invoice through Square. Both companies accept credit or debit cards. The website automatically defaults to PayPal at present, so if you prefer to use an alternate, email us at: info@nailcare-academy.com and we can send you a Square invoice you can easily pay online or we can call you to obtain your card information.

Can I get a refund after purchasing the program?

Since the programs are immediately accessible after purchase, NA adheres to the usual Intellectual Property Refund Policy: No refund is available once the program is chosen and purchased. No exceptions. For that reason, it is important all purchasers to be fully certain of their decision before purchasing the Programs.

Can I download a copy of the program for review? 

Download of any of our course modules is not allowed but once purchased, you are welcome to review them online at any time. We encourage yearly review and updating of your information. Nailcare Academy’s programs are copyrighted Intellectual Properties and sold for use by a single purchaser. The copyrights are retained as are ownership of the Programs and their contents.

Can this program be taken on an a smart phone or tablet?

Yes our website and our courses are fully responsive, meaning they work on any type of smart device—as long as you have internet access, you can view the modules.

How long do I have to finish the course?

We do not have a limitation because we encourage our graduates to re-enter for refresh of information at least yearly. However, we strongly encourage you to make steady progress toward achieving your Certification.

Can I re-enter later to review the contents of the program? 

Yes, and we highly recommend it. Simply log into the website and go to the top menu bar under “My Courses” to access your purchased programs.

Is there a text that must be purchased?

All the materials required by the course are provided on the website. We encourage you to download the ANT Handbook in Module 10 to keep in your salon as an excellent reference.

How do I market that I am different after I graduate from the program?

Marketing materials are provided in the course which are downloadable and customizable. These materials are only available to ANT students/graduates after paying for and entering the programs. As you progress through the modules, there are many suggested marketing activities which will increase your level of success.

What is the structure of the ANT Program?

 The program consists of modules of information, Module 1-10 and then an exam. The Modules are divided into topic sections. Module 1 introduces some basic information, but mostly concentrates on understanding how to move around in the course. Study questions are available at the bottom of Modules 2 – 8 which contain the “heart” of the program. We suggest you download and answer them to aid in your test preparation. Module 9 is marketing techniques and activities. Module 10 is resources and materials to help you implement your new training.

Do I have to go through all the modules?

We hope you will. Each one is crafted to provide you with the best learning experience possible and is based upon sound learning principles.

How do I take the exams? 

The exam is administered online and can be accessed in the program—you will be given directions at the appropriate time. Once you open the exam, you must complete it–if you log out or are interrupted, you will need to start again. Once you are satisfied with your answers, “submit” it and wait a moment to receive your grade.

What grade must be achieved to pass the program?

A minimum of 75% is required to pass the exam to achieve certification as an Advanced Nail Technician (ANT). The student gets two chances to pass the exam.

How do I receive my certificate?

After passing the exam with the required 75% correct, you must apply for your Certificate Packet by submitting a Survey. The Survey should open automatically after you receive your exam grade, but in the event you miss the redirection, the Survey Link is in Module 10.  When you submit your Survey, you should be redirected to PayPal to purchase your Certificate Packet for $17.95.

Why do I have to pay for my certificate?

 To receive your ANT certificate, you must apply for it and acknowledge your acceptance and agreement to stay within your Scope of Practice. This must be recorded by an independent source for insurance purposes. The PayPal process provides that separate record of the agreement. The attendee of the program must be listed in the “Notes” section in PayPal as the purchaser of the Certificate or we will not be able to issue your Certificate.

Will spending the money on this course bring me new clients?

An entire module is written to train you in just how to do that. Marketing materials are available and customizable for your use. If you do as we say, you will be at a much higher level of success very quickly.

How do I get help if I need it while taking the ANT Program?

For technical problems, such as not being able to access something, email: info@nailcare-academy.com.This email address is monitored and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible—we do not promise 24 hour customer support, however. For content questions or mentoring, call Janet at 863-273-9134.

If I have suggestions concerning the program, who do I contact?

We are open to suggestions for improvement always. Please feel free to give us your honest feedback on your Survey, or email us at any time at info@nailcare-academy.com.


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