FAQ – MNT Internship Program

Prior to enrolling in the MNT Internship Program, you must first successfully complete certifications as an NCA Advanced Nail Technician-ANT and Wellness Nail Technician-WNT.

The MNT Internship Program is two parts. The first is the modules on the site, titled the MNT Internship Program. These modules prepare the nail technician for having a high-quality experience in the office. The modules provide guidance for attaining a quality internship and then videos of what they will experience in the office.

The price for the Internship is according to how it is purchased, individually or as a bundle. Click on the individual purchase at $99 or purchase it included in the WNT Bundle + MNT Internship, which provides a discount on the cost.

After the Internship Procedure Sheet is received by NCA (provided as a download in the modules), an online MNT certificate will be received by the graduate free. The downloads are in the Resources tab on the Course Summary page as well as the purchase of the pin. If desired, a $39.95 packet can be paid for and will be received by the graduate. The Certificate Packet will contain a high-quality displayable Certificate ready for framing, and a professional achievement pin to wear while working.

This program is copyrighted and your enrollment is good for only one student–just like a college course, only one person can attend. Sharing is not permitted.

The NCA prerequisite programs are required to prepare the student for the Internship, no exceptions.

Just go onto the website and go to the sale/description of the individual MNT Internship Program and it will allow you to pay for the individual Internship program and to have access to the Internship Modules. The software will check whether you have taken the prerequisites and allow your payment. If you have not finished them, you will not be allowed to pay for the program.

Since the programs are immediately accessible after purchase, NA adheres to the usual Intellectual Property Refund Policy: No refund is available once the program is chosen, purchased and opened. No exceptions. For that reason, it is important all purchasers be fully certain of their decision before purchasing and opening the Programs.

For technical problems, such as not being able to access something, email: info@nailcare-academy.com. This email address is monitored and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible—we do not promise 24-hour customer support, however. For content questions or mentoring, call Janet at 863-273-9134.

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