FAQ – MNT Program

Taking Nailcare Academy’s MNT program will open the door to new career opportunities and give you a way to explore working in a medical setting. You could work as a physician’s assistant and even pursue additional medical training. Other nail technicians are seeking a way to help people who have special health issues in an appropriate way, beyond traditional nail services. Even if you do not intend to leave the salon setting, the NA MNT will bring greater respect-the clients appreciate the even higher level of knowledge.

Are there any prerequisites for the MNT Certification?

In order to achieve Certification as an Medical Nail Technician, you must first complete your certification as an ANT-Advanced Nail Technician.

How much does it cost?

The price for the MNT is $777 if purchased as a bundle. It consists of three parts: the ANT is required before you can continue into the MNT which then requires a 40-hour Internship. As a bonus, if you purchase the MNT Bundle, we will give you an additional course, the Safe Salon Concepts certification program, a value of $77. This extra program is an opportunity for an additional certification and is a great marketing tool for your business.

If you have already purchased the ANT and wish to add the MNT, the additional amount is $454. Please contact us to request assistance if you have any questions and indicate if you prefer to pay with Square or PayPal.

There is a $17.95 processing fee through PayPal for each Certification Packet, once you have submitted a Course Survey. The MNT Certificate Packet will contain a numbered, high-quality displayable Certificate ready for framing, special offers from our participating industry partners and a professional achievement pin to wear while working.

Can I share this program with my co-workers?

This program is copyrighted and your enrollment is good for only one student–just like a college course, only one person can attend. Sharing is not permitted.

I’m already advanced since I’ve been licensed for many years, why can’t I just take the MNT?

We have designed the MNT to build upon the ANT. We do this because schools and state regulations are not consistent and we need a common ground before we can move on to new levels of learning and advanced topics.

What if I am already an ANT and decide later on that I want to take the MNT?

Just notify us and request the special Cou which will allow you access to the MNT Modules and the NA Internship Module for the additional $454 ($397 for the MNT modules and $57 for the Internship Module). Let us know if you prefer to pay with a credit card or through PayPal.

Is there an internship? Do I have to do it?

Yes, to receive your MNT Certificate, you must complete the NA Internship Program, a 1-module course that will guide you through the internship process. This module is included in your NA MNT purchase price. We provide further information about how your will go about obtaining and performing an Internship in Module 10 of the MNT.

Why would I need to do an internship?

As a way to integrate learning by doing, we recommend the internship to support the information you have learned in the course. Our students report back to us that the internship is very valuable – a typical statement is “I am so glad for the internship – it makes everything in the course come together.” A further factor might be helping you decide before committing that working in a medical setting is the right decision.

How long is the internship?

The Internship Program is 40 hours and the physician you choose to work with must be approved by Nailcare Academy. Some potential medical specialties you could work with are wound care specialists, diabetes specialist, podiatrists, dermatologists, and so forth.

Who would I take the internship with?

Generally, podiatrists will be able to help you learn more about feet specifically, but consider a foot surgeon, a diabetic specialist or a wound care specialist. Once you have approached a physician, please contact us so that we can discuss the program with them to ensure you will receive the training you need.

Does this course offer continuing education credits?

No, it does not for several reasons.  One important reason is that only a handful of people have asked for them over the years and that does not justify spending the thousands to become approved again in all states who require them. We are happy to provide an outline for those who are in states that require CEs and award CEs for their professionals on that basis.

I live outside the United States. Can I take the program?

Yes, certain countries are eligible, though you must contact us for approval. You must be working as a nail professional in your country of residence, according to your country’s regulations and be able to prove that you are. At present the course is only offered in English.

Can I get a refund after purchasing the program?

Since the programs are immediately accessible after purchase, NA adheres to the usual Intellectual Property Refund Policy: No refund is available once the program is chosen and purchased. No exceptions. For that reason, it is important all purchasers to be fully certain of their decision before purchasing the Programs.

How do I get help if I need it while taking the MNT Program?

For technical problems, such as not being able to access something, email: info@nailcare-academy.com.This email address is monitored and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible—we do not promise 24 hour customer support, however. For content questions or mentoring, call Janet at 863-273-9134.


NCA MNT for ANPs Bundle

This bundle includes the NA Medical Nail Tech (MNT)© Certification Program plus the Safe Salon

NCA MNT Bundle

NA Medical Nail Tech - 10 modules and an exam NA Internship - One module

NCA Medical Nail Tech Program (MNT®)

The  NA Medical Nail Tech-MNT is a cutting edge training program designed and continually updated

Nail Technicians Working with Physicians
Nail Technicians Working with Physicians

This course offers you another career path as a nail technician, a step into another