FAQs – Wellness Nail Technician

You will need to go through the ANT FAQs also for the general information such as how to start the program, etc.

The program pre-requisites are a certification from NCA of the Advanced Nail Technician Program

The cost depends on whether you purchase it alone, in the ANT/WNT Bundle (includes the ANT, SSC and WNT in the purchase), or in the WNT Bundle + MNT Internship (includes the ANT, SSC, WNT and the Internship Programs). Go to the home page to see the cost of each.

Look through the program information on the home page for the “bundles” (multiple courses put together to sell at a lower price) that are available and find the one that fits your needs and send it to the cart. Other courses that are not core courses will not be bundled but can be added to the cart with your core course (ANT, WNT, MNT Internship) purchases.

We suggest you click on all the course descriptions/pictures and read the full descriptions before choosing the single course or bundle you want to purchase.

Yes, several are available among the payment modalities. Please check all of them out fully before using them. For example, PayPal has one, Stripe has more than one (such as Afterpay and others), and we will be adding more. If you agree with the terms, we suggest you use them to support not depleting your cash funds, and allowing your new clients coming in to pay for your courses! See the ANT for the math shown on this. Their cost is $0 if you pay them off during the $0 interest time, but they go to credit card rates if you do not. Become fully aware of their terms of use prior to signing up for one. If you fail to keep up with payments, the modalities require us to cancel your course until you make arrangements to complete payments.

The varying circumstances make it impossible to estimate how long it would take an individual to complete the WNT, however, the average is 6 weeks. There is no limitation of time to take the program, but we encourage a student steadily make progress through the courses as this encourages retention.

This program is a step up from the ANT/SSC with the goals to present the ANT with important content for 1) training their clients in preventive self-care, 2) providing information for inspiring an awareness of wellness techniques both for clients and the nail technicians themselves, and 3) preparing the nail technician for performing appropriately, within scope of practice in a medical environment, such as a medical office or clinic. It also contains important information for preparing the student to experience the MNT Internship.

Yes, it does, following the passing of the WNT Online Exam of 50 questions. Minimum score is 80. An online certificate is sent to the passing student after the exam for free, and a gold embossed displayable certificate is available from the Program Resources tab after passing for $29.95 in a packet with a professional achievement pin to wear when working with clients. These are available later also, though we encourage you to wait to order the packet from the site, after checking out the downloadable certificate for display. The pins can be ordered on the site, also, if replacement is necessary or if the packet is not purchased.

No, a Wellness Nail Technician Handbook is available online for download free from the Program Resources Tab on your Course Summary page.

A list of books is in Module 10 of the Advanced Nail Technician Program. Also, ancillary books written by Janet McCormick that specifically support our programs and your success are available on the Program Resources tab on your Course Summary page, and on the home page of Nailcare Academy. Titles are “Skin Care-based Manicures and Pedicures”, which will be available August/September, 2023, and “Becoming a Six-Figure Nail Technician”, will be published in 2024.

Yes, they are. On your WNT Program Summary page, you will see a Program Resources tab to click to see what is available for use after passing this program. Most of these materials are downloadable free, and editable to customize to your needs both in Word and Publisher. The window clings must be purchased, however.

Yes, on your WNT Program Summary age, you can download the WNT Logo for free.

Call Janet McCormick at 863-273-9134. She will get you going towards success and off you will go!

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