Foot Care for the Transient, Homeless by a Nail Technician with a Special Touch

Monique “Moe” Moss, ANT

Monique “Moe” Moss of Columbia, SC, is a licensed nail technician with a different approach to taking care of her clients’ feet. “As a former Licensed Massage Therapist, I view foot work and pedicures as more than just a pampering experience—for some it’s vital to their health.” Moss began searching for advanced training and came across the Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program written by salon industry guru Janet McCormick. “The Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) training program was written to teach nail technicians how to safely provide cosmetic nail and foot care for those who have special health needs,” McCormick states. This program provided Moss with exactly the training she needed to assist her clients by providing them with safe, healthful pedicures.

“Times have changed,” says McCormick. “In 2000, the CDC estimated approximately 5.8% of Americans over 20 have been diagnosed as diabetic. In 2012, that had more than doubled at 12.8%. ( Diabetics simply cannot risk a pedicure by an untrained technician.”  In addition, the demographic of older Americans is growing as the Boomers come of age and more than half of all adult Americans have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition. “These persons are at risk for injury or infection and must have aseptic foot care,” she adds.

Moss has embraced the safety training in her ANT certification: “I incorporate the ANT training from the client consultation I do prior to their service, through the examination of their toes and skin, by wearing gloves throughout the service, by recommending products that will achieve their goals, all the way through to referring them to a medical professional when necessary.”  Moss has been trained to “recognize and refer” diseases, disorders and conditions of the feet and lower legs and this training allows her to adjust her services appropriately.

A big part of this attention to detail is Moss’s high-level disinfection and infection control practices. “I make sure that the client sees the disposal of my one-time use items, and when I have new clients, I go over my methods of sanitation and disinfection on implements and the pedicure basin. I even keep a brochure at my desk that highlights my infection control protocols.” I always tell my clients “You will not walk out with anything that you didn’t walk in with…except a great looking set of toes. Polish optional!”

Moe Moss, ANT, performing “foot washing” for the homeless

Not only do the clients at Moss’s pedicure station inside Vista Tanning and Nail Salon appreciate her training, she has taken her skills to the street. “I put my knowledge and experience to use every year by volunteering my time providing foot care services for the homeless.”  Click here to watch a short video of one example of her volunteer service. “I have seen extreme cases of callus buildup, mycotic nails, ingrown, etc. that I may not experience in the salon on a daily basis, but the ANT program has given me the confidence to work safely with the transient and elderly.” This service to others personifies Moss’s caring attitude about her clients’ health and well-being.

For more information about the Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program, please visit or call Janet McCormick at (863) 273-9134. To speak with Moe Moss or book an appointment, call (803) 200‐2676