Foot Care as a Wellness Service

More salons and spas are incorporating “wellness” into their culture. ANTs can easily slip into this role.        


Nail services have evolved over the years–the original “nail salons” were focused mostly on artificial nail enhancements, but today’s nail departments now encompass a wide variety of nail services. Not only are artificial nails a part of the service menu, but there are now slots for natural nails, pedicures, “spa” treatments such as hand facials and reconstructed toe nails. As an ANT, you can add soakless, safe “routine foot care” and become a resource for the elderly and those with special health needs.

As a part of wellness, you can be the first party in the team to observe and recommend additional treatments if needed: medical providers, orthotic specialists, physical therapists and so on. You have the luxury of spending more time with your clients than many other professionals, and you can get to know them and they become comfortable with discussing their little aches and pains–when they might not “bother the doctor.” As their confidant and advocate, you can steer them in a direction for relief and wellness.


Take steps to develop this ethos in your work – create special brochures that discuss the wellness aspect of foot care. Did you know that the toes and toe nails are highly indicative of many health conditions in the body? You are in a position to demonstrate your caring by being educated and taking the time to explain why nail trimming must be done correctly on a timely basis, for example.

You can reach out to your target group of potential clients – specifically focus your marketing activities on wellness and foot health. Volunteer to speak at community events, have a table at a health fair or offer lectures in senior facilities.

Don’t forget to ask your current clientele if they know anyone who has a chronic illness…ANTs are specifically trained to help those who need them the most.


When is the last time you looked at your client list, and thought…hmmm…I haven’t seen this person in a while? Why not take a few minutes and run through your contacts to see who’s missing? They might love to hear from you! Surprise them with a pretty post card with a hand written note.

A wellness attitude is rewarded by great response and loyalty, but you must extend some effort and commit to taking actions which enhance this aspect of your business.