Nailcare Academy Announces Collaboration with Belle

Nailcare Academy announces a collaboration with Belle, a rapidly growing concierge company, to bring highly trained foot and nailcare specialists TO clients at-risk for foot complications.

Belle provides in-home or on-location foot care through their easy-to-use website at or customer service line 615-873-0344. Belle’s platform, launched in 2016, also offers a new venue of work for nail technicians as well as essential advanced education through Nailcare Academy’s online format at

Armand Lauzon, Project Belle Founder

Belle’s first launch was in Middle Tennessee. “In just a short time, we have been very successful in the area. We’ve perfected our protocols and technology, which now allows us to smoothly scale operations across the US,” says Armand Lauzon, Belle’s CEO. “Each nail technician will be an Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) through Nailcare Academy, or Belle will pay for ANT training,” says Lauzon. “After finishing the ANT program, they learn Belle’s specific protocols which are designed to promote foot health and prevention of complications.”

Belle believes it requires the highest quality nail technicians with advanced education to work effectively with these clients and Belle’s executives are pleased with the training Nailcare Academy offers. Janet McCormick, Co-Founder of Nailcare Academy states “Nailcare Academy trains Belle Nail Technicians to work safely and competently with these special clients. We are excited about this new venue of care for our graduates to choose for their careers.”

Crystal Mesick, ANT

Nail technicians are welcoming this tech-enabled, innovative platform that represents a first in the industry. Belle Nail Technician, Crystal Mesick, enthuses “I provide services to people who need special and customized care, including clients who have suffered strokes, pregnant mothers on bedrest, hospice patients and even a woman who recently came out of a coma. I know that the services I provide have a direct impact on their wellbeing and quality of life. I’ve never felt more valued and I wouldn’t be able to make this a reality without Belle.”

Belle’s target clients are older adults, expectant mothers, diabetics, homebound, as well as those in senior communities, hospitals, hospice and other restrictive environments. These clients commonly experience poor circulation and changes to the foot itself, which put them at-risk for serious complications. The good news is that most of these incidents can be prevented with routine foot care. Setting up regular appointments with Belle makes these clients proactive rather than reactive in their foot health while preventing life threatening ulcers, infections and even amputations.

When needed, Belle and its Nail Technicians coordinate efficient escalation of care to a medical professional. ANTs are trained to “recognize and refer” any “out-of-normal” conditions they observe on their clients’ feet. “Belle is excited to be redefining foot health for this neglected group which represents millions,” says Lauzon.

McCormick stated, “Our website is ready to go – when Belle hires technicians, we can get them started on their ANT Certification training immediately. This new business model is ideal for nail techs who are looking for their next career advancement.”