Nailcare Academy Partners with The Footnanny in Trailblazing RESCUE Program

@Footnanny is thrilled to announce new Facebook/IG Live Show “Footnanny to the RESCUE”

“Nailcare Academy is so gratified to be asked to join in supporting Gloria L. Williams, “The Footnanny” in her innovative weekly Live show,” states Janet McCormick, author/educator and Co-Founder of several online education platforms. “This program will change the lives of her RESCUE recipient nail techs…and inspire many, many more.”nailcare-academy-footnanny

In speaking with Williams, she explains how the program will work: “We will be rescuing nail techs and helping them open a nail salon or remodeling their existing nail area and expanding their current nail care knowledge.  My company, Footnanny, Inc., and our brand partners will be footing the bills and the nail techs will help do the work!  After each RESCUE the nail salon will become a Footnanny Retailer and the nail tech will become a Footnanny Union Member!”

“Our first nail salon RESCUE was announced on our first show on the Sunday, February 3, 2019. It was an amazing experience and the successful launch of our program. We want all nail techs to join us!

“Our plan is that you will get to meet a new nail technician and share in the excitement!  Footnanny is building one Footnanny Partner at a time and working a book concept “How To Open A Nail Salon With $1000.” If you or someone you know needs to be on “Footnanny to the RESCUE,” tag them in this post and also have them email a “before” photo of their current nail salon and tell us their story.”

McCormick shares, “Each RESCUE recipient will receive a full Scholarship for the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification Program and the accompanying Safe Salon Concepts Certification course. These two programs go hand in hand, elevating the nail techs’ protocols by training them to work safely on those in their communities who need them the most: the elderly, diabetics and others with chronic illnesses. The two certifications will set the nail techs apart from others in their community and offer excellent marketing advantages.

Login Sunday at 12 Noon, Pacific Time – Instagram @footnanny or Facebook Page “Footnanny”

Williams encourages nail techs to enter themselves, or to nominate those who need a Nail Salon RESCUE by email to

Special thanks to #footnanny partners for making this happen: @thehavenly app @wbeatradio @softlandingstowels  @nailcareacademy @nailsmagazine @mrs.kimberlya.head #watergraphics


Footnanny performed 5 rescues! Each of the 5 recipients were granted a helping hand in accordance with their needs.