New Course Launched – Change Your Career!

Nailcare Academy is so excited and proud to announce our latest course:  Nail Technicians Working with Physicians. 

This course is instructed by foot spa innovator, Denise Baich, who lends her personal expertise in setting up unique foot care facilities in collaboration with podiatrists and other medical providers. A licensed nail technician, ANT/MNT and trainer, Baich has much to contribute to the discussion about how nail techs can integrate with podiatry and medical foot care.

“Nail techs can wear two hats in a foot spa facility,” says Baich. “They can wear their nail tech hat in one area of the building, performing cosmetic nail services, and then they can move over to the medical side and function as a medical assistant working under the supervision of the podiatrist.”  She says there are some specific rules that apply, and of course you must always work within the scope of your license, and that of the facility. She discusses how to find out what those rules are for your particular location.

Also in Nail Technicians Working with Physicians, Baich discusses the various kinds of working relationships a nail tech might establish with those in the medical foot care community:  referral relationships, employment relationship, independent contracting and so on. She generously lends her personal experiences–negotiating salaries and benefits, as one example. She shares her ideas on the set up and equipment needed so that you spend your start-up dollars wisely. There are also a lot of marketing and advertising ideas you can incorporate–from very subtle, quiet marketing you do inside the business, to proven-successful public advertising and promotional campaigns.

This course is one of several career-enhancing training programs designed to help nail technicians set themselves apart from “ordinary” by offering the “extraordinary” in their communities.