New Delivery Format & Features!

The just-released 3rd Edition of the ANT Program offers user-friendly viewing options

One of the many changes made in this latest edition of the Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program is the ease of access to the module material. Co-Founder Janet McCormick says, “We have been working on a solutionnew-features-on-ant-modules that would give some flexibility to our students and instructors for months! Some prefer to click “Play” and sit back and take notes, while others wish to have the ability to stop and advance at will. This new delivery software handles both methods–a huge win for all!”

“Part of the equation is being able to deliver the slides in a user-friendly way while protect them from pirating. Our web designer, Claudio Barbieri of Page1Ranking in Fort Myers, FL is a genius!” shares Co-Founder, Karen Hodges.  “We now have the ability to offer students a choice and the ability to move freely among the slides–a huge boon in the class room,” she adds.

Another new and very helpful feature is the ability to instantly search the entire module for any word or phrase. This will help enormously when the students need to review a topic at a future date. Sometimes they’ll remember they saw some information they need in the salon, and now it’s so easy to find the exact reference.

Along with the crisp, clean new graphic design, the hundreds of graphic images and photos that have been incorporated and the revised and updated content, this program is better than ever. It’s a tremendous resource for nail techs.