Welcome students of NuFeet Workshops!

Nailcare Academy is happy to welcome you to take advantage of the programs we provide and as a partner to Erika Allison and her NuFeet Workshops, we support your growth….and your success!

You are in an elite group of nail technicians who have elevated their careers by seeking additional training and skills.

NuFeet® now offers a wide array of certifications turning your average State Licensed Nail Technician into a NuFeet Pedicurist powerhouse!

Please visit www.nufeetacademy.com for more information.

Join the elite technicians at NuFeet – One part of becoming a NuFeet® Pedicurist is becoming a Certified Advanced Nail Technician or ANT®.

This trademarked program is just one step of the excellent training you will receive as in your journey with NuFeet. The ANT is the foundation – there are more levels available to you.