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Safe Salon Certification Packet

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification Packet

Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) Certification Packet

Medical Nail Tech (MNT) Certification Packet

Survey Questions

This Survey is necessary in order to complete the Certification process. Where relevant, please mark 1-4, with 1 as low, 4 as excellent. For others, mark yes or no or write in where necessary. PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT CERTIFICATION PACKET CAREFULLY SO YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO PAYPAL CORRECTLY TO PURCHASE YOUR CERTIFICATE PACKET AFTER YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM.

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We need your Username to locate your records.

Please choose only the Certificate Packet you are completing - this Survey will be matched with your test score and your PayPal payment.

(Applies only to Safe Salon Concepts Certification - do not answer this for ANT, FNT or MNT)

2. Please provide your FULL mailing address where you want your Certificate Packet mailed

If on the internet, which site?

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to utilize the information provided in this course to work within my appropriate Scope of Practice in accordance with the relevant regulations of my professional license.

In order to market my business as a Certified Salon Salon, I pledge to follow the Principles of the Safe Salon Concept: 1. Create and maintain an aseptic salon environment throughout my business. 2. Follow the highest level of professional practices including use of an autoclave, PPEs, single-use disposables and pre-service sanitation and examination of the client's skin and nails. 3. Gain the knowledge I need to recognize conditions presented by clients, use of health questionnaires to identify "at risk" clients and make appropriate referrals to physicians or podiatrists.

Typing in my name indicates my understanding of my commitment to work within my scope of practice.

Thank you for participation in our program. Please allow us time (up to 10 business days) to verify that you have completed all the necessary steps:
  1. Pass the Exam
  2. Complete and Submit this Survey
  3. Purchase your Certification Packet at PayPal
Once all these activities have been completed, we will prepare and mail your unique Certificate to you.


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