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Adding a Nail Technician to Your Medical Facility


Adding Cosmetic Services/RFC to your Practice with Physician Extenders

Every medical practice needs to find ways to bring growth to the practice…cash services which do not require insurance filing and claims are the most desirable new dollars of all. These modules are full of tried-and-true marketing techniques and resource materials to help you launch this new offering in your community.

BONUS: Downloadable forms, brochures, sample press releases and more to customize for your practice!

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***Available to Medical Providers who wish to add cosmetic foot care to their practices***

This 5-Module program will cover the various components needed to successfully integrate a nail technician to perform foot care, an intriguing new service, into your podiatry office, clinic, assisted living facility, hospital, etc. Americans are living longer–and they have more chronic health conditions that require special consideration in their foot care. These people are paying attention and do not want to risk the dangers that are portrayed in the media of common “nail shops” where corners are often cut. They are seeking safe, healthful foot care, and who better to provide it than their trusted medical provider?

Module 1 introduces you to the notion of offering aesthetic services as well as the medical foot care you currently provide to your patients.

Module 2 describes the exact type of staffing you will need in place to support this new offering and how to find them

Module 3 gives you all the details you will need to consider when adding this new service–how to set up the room, structure your service offerings, how to integrate this service within your practice and more.

Module 4 takes you through the various activities you will undertake in marketing your new program — innovative idea, tried and true techniques, examples of successful campaigns and so forth.

Module 5 is where all the downloadable samples are found. Collateral materials from brochures to signage to press releases are offered as examples to emulate in creating your own message.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Be certain of your purchase.

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