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Electric Filing


This foundational course in the safe use of an electric file for hand care and foot care services is a great place for licensed nail technicians to begin. Mastering the use of an electric file requires both theory and understanding of the principles, but also hands-on training. This course provides guided learning presented with audio, videos and targeted photos as well as assigned practice exercises. There is also an exam.

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Nailcare Academy Electric Filing Training Program

Nailcare Academy believes training/learning safe use of an Electric File System is an absolute necessity. This means learning more than how to use it through demonstration but also learning the wise purchasing of the e-files and their accessory equipment, and the importance of safe choices during its use.

This course leads to the certification of the student attendee in the fundamentals of safe electric filing for the licensed nail technician who completes the course requirements. The program can also be taken for information/training only, without completing the certification requirements.

The learning is presented in slide format with voice-over and videos, including a video presentation of Pedicures with Electric Files.

You will learn:

  • How electric filing in nail care has evolved to current best practices.
  • Components of electric filing machine equipment.
  • Discussion of e-filing bits – their differences and when/how you should safely use them.
  • Safe working practices, how to hold and operate an e-file safely.
  • Care and maintenance of electric files.
  • Specific techniques for use of the e-file in both hand care and foot care services.
  • Much more!

To complete the course and attain the certificate you will need to pass an exam and submit photos or videos documenting the completion of your practice exercises. This fundamental training course will give you the learning and skill you need to pursue advanced electric filing techniques and use of specialty bits.

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