NCA MNT Internship Program


NCA MNT Internship Program (2022) – This course is 1 module of detailed information you can utilize in seeking an internship with a foot care medical provider in your community. A 40-hour Internship is a requirement for earning credentials as a NCA Medical Nail Tech and is an excellent bridge to working in a medical setting.

The price of the Internship Module is not included in the NCA WNT Bundle. It is available for purchase here separately for those who have completed the prerequisites and are now seeking an internship to become a medical nail technician. It is included in the WNT + Internship Bundle, which includes the ANT, the WNT and the Internship as an inclusive purchase.

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The NCA MNT Internship Program

***Requires completion of the Advanced Nail Technician and the Wellness Nail Technician Certification as a prerequisite. ***

This course assists you in obtaining and completing a proctored Internship in a medical setting. We believe our graduates need to know what their clients experience when being referred to a physician. It also gives a nail technician who desires a career change to working in a medical office experience in what happens in a medical office. After, a decision toward working in a medical setting can be made on an informed basis. The NCA MNT’s role is providing cosmetic services under his/or her state license such as pedicures, Routine Foot Care (trimming the nails, thinning thickened nails, reducing calluses and applying moisturizer), applying prosthetic toenails and affixing treatments for non-inflamed onychocrytosis.

What is this Program?

This program guides the nail technician in the expectations for working in the professional setting of a medical practice. It contains several informative video presentations. The Program upgrades February, 2022 to include an additional module on expectations for the role of an Intern in a medical setting. The price is $99.

This information helps the future NCA MNT obtain an internship, learn to refer to medical providers, and provides a basic vocabulary for working with medical providers.

A Procedure Log (an updated Skills Log) directs the nail tech’s learning during the Internship. A downloadable Preceptor’s Manual communicates to the physician or CFCN/CFCS the goals and intents of the training they will be overseeing. The technician receives a Medical Nail Technician Certificate and an MNT pin after all prerequisites are met and the Procedure Log is received from the proctor after completion of the Internship.

Many Wellness Nail Technician graduates elect to experience the MNT Internship program to add the MNT Certification to their qualifications for facilitating receiving more referrals from physicians, podiatrists and Foot Care Nurses.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Please be certain of your purchase.

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