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Wellness Nail Technician Program Only (WNT)


WNT training is designed for both nail professionals who wish to remain in the salon environment and those who desire a more clinical environment such as a podiatry office, a hospital foot care clinic or and assisted living facility. The material is appropriate for mobile nail technicians (concierge) as well.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Please be certain of your purchase.

Only available for ANT/FNT/MNT graduates & enrollees.

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Wellness Nail Technician  (WNTTM) – Only

Only available for ANT/FNT/MNT graduates & enrollees.

WNT … information for nail technicians in supporting their clients in a wellness lifestyle as relevant to healthy feet

This advanced career development course covers many topics that will support your success as an elite professional nail technician. The information trains you to work safely not only with your routine clients, but also those who are elderly or chronically ill. It will also prepare you to work with physicians, podiatrists and Foot Care Nurses performing wellness pedicures and routine foot care (trimming, reducing calluses and adding moisture).

The purpose of this course is NOT to teach you how to practice medicine, but to give you the background and vocabulary to work successfully with physicians in a referral relationship or to work inside a foot care medical facility as a cosmetology-licensed pedicurist.

The WNT course is 10 modules, with module learning activities and a comprehensive exam of 50 questions. It is prerequisite to taking the NCA MNT Internship.
Topics discussed are:

  • Discussion of the rationale of adding “Wellness” in your foot care.
  • Review of important structures of the feet and lower limbs and their impact on wellness.
  • Discussion of commonly seen conditions, diseases and disorders of the feet and nails and introduction to their medical treatments for understanding the impact upon cosmetic foot care.
  • Discussion of “Routine Foot Care” or RFC as defined by Medicare and the overlapping scope for nail technicians.
  • An introduction to wounds and wound healing to aid nail technicians to better perform safe cosmetic foot care.
  • New information on setting up successful business models in foot care – both in salons and in adding cosmetic foot care in podiatry practices.
  • Creating community-wide awareness of the WNT and their role in providing safe, healthy care of the feet (and hands).
  • Resource materials and links that will give you a leg up on being more than an “ordinary” nail tech…but an extraordinary one!

***The ANT Certification is prerequisite to taking this course. You must have completed your ANT Certification to enroll.

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