Exams on NCA courses are “Open Book” exams, enabling them to be a learning tool for you when you take them. It is your choice on whether you wish to utilize this privilege. To do this, you will need two devices to work with during your exam, for example a laptop and a cell phone. One will be open to your exam, the other to the program you are examining on the page listing the modules. Now, if you come to a question, you are not certain of the answer to choose, go to the module the topic is in and then put a search question on the slide where “search” is listed. (The module cannot be on full screen,) For example, if it is a question on ulcers, go to “Diseases and Disorders” and place that in the search box. Click on “search” and it will take you to the area in the module where the topic is first mentioned. Click through the information to find what you need to know. Go back to the other device and answer the question and move on to the next. (The topic may be in may be in more than one module.)

Please allow about an hour and 30 minutes (minimum) for this exam with no interruptions. If you close your browser (example…answer your smart phone) your answers will be lost, and you will need to start again. You need to achieve a 80% on the exam in order to pass.  You automatically have 2 attempts to pass the exam – if you need further help, please contact us.

After you have answered all questions, click on “Finish Exam.”  Your score will be calculated immediately and reported on the My Account Page. Click on “Expand All” to see the details of your courses. In the FNT course, you will see the Exam results. If you wish to see which questions, if any, you have missed, click on the icon under “Statistics”.

We have found that some computers/devices manage cookies in a way that prevents automatic redirects functioning properly. In the event you are not redirected automatically, here are the links, below:

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