Random Acts of Kindness

It only takes one tiny handful of snow to start an avalanche of kind acts.

Recently one of our Advanced Nail Tech (ANT/MNT) students shared her frustration with us – her phone sound is not working correctly to allow her to learn the materials in the courses, and she does not have access to a computer. She tried using her public library, but reserving a computer is difficult with her schedule. She shared that she had saved for a long while to purchase the courses, and she is hoping to change her career to one of “taking care of those who need me the most – the elderly and people like diabetics.”

Feeling her frustration, but at a loss to help her with her phone, we posted an inquiry in our groups in Facebook: “Does anyone have an unused tablet sitting around, we have a student in need.” Very shortly, a true “Angel” sent a private note asking “Would this do the trick?” along with a screen shot of a fully-tricked out, latest-and-greatest tablet from Amazon.  We had been hoping for someone’s used tablet, just praying they would still have the charge cord!

That tablet arrived 2 days later at our mail center, and we took it straight to the counter to forward it out to the student in California. In calling to verify her shipping address (good thing – she’d moved!), the shipping agent overheard the situation and asked for details. Teary-eyed, she discounted the shipping!

The interwebs are a scary place sometimes. But stories like these give us hope that we can each be the reason someone believes in the goodness of others. Thank you to our special “Angel”… your anonymous gift will end up changing the lives of so many clients who need this Medical Nail Technician the most.