Seeking Nail Techs Who Want “More”

By Janet McCormick

The development of the Advanced Nail Technician Program has been over a period of 8 years. In its first evolution it was 3 modules that covered history of the nail industry, the fact that times have changed and we needed to do things differently and some general foot and nail conditions nail techs might encounter.

Over the years, extensive research, stories in the media, social media forums where dangers of Non Standard Salons were discussed and other events lead to intense modification of the program. It grew to 6 modules and then 8 and in its final form, there are 10 copyrighted modules chock-full of relevant information. This information is not only relevant to nail technicians working “in the trenches” so to speak, but school programs who want high-quality content in their curriculum.

During this period, it became clear to me that there is a huge—and growing—need for foot and nail care at an even higher level:  persons with health conditions absolutely cannot afford to have pedicures in less-than-pristine and or non-OSHA-compliant salons. I teamed up with a podiatrist to learn all I could about medical foot treatments.  I thought nail technicians needed higher respect and they needed a way to make more money—completely opposed to competing head to head with cut-rate salons.

So, I developed a Medical Nail Tech program that prepares nail technicians to work in a medical setting with a physician or podiatrist who provides primary foot care. Oncology offices, wound care centers, diabetes clinics and dermatology practices all are potential venues for a medically-trained nail technicians.

Nailcare Academy is the home of these and other high-quality advanced programs for nail technicians. The content of the courses is fresh and current. The delivery of the courses is cutting edge with our Learning Management System software. Our programs work on any smart device—all you need is an internet connection. Our customer service is on-the-spot and able to troubleshoot and provide solutions for your unique situations. As mentors who have over 50 years of industry experience we can provide authentic guidance. Nailcare Academy is written with your needs in mind…and we speak your language as Nail Technicians. We respond to your calls and emails with our committed support of your success. Welcome…and we invite you to join our community in Facebook, too! Click the link, below, to follow us.