Seeking Nail Techs Who Want “More”

By Janet McCormick

Would you like to be in the higher earning echelons and receive a high level of respect from your clients and others? This is a potential that Nailcare Academy can bring to you as a nail technician. A Nailcare Academy certificate-holder is trained to fill a great need out there and has a much higher potential in earnings because of that need. Four groups of people who do not presently go to nail salons are waiting for these technicians.

1. Those in the huge—and growing— population of chronically ill who must go to a   safety-trained nail technician, or they will court possible harm;
2. Those who are fearful of going to nail salons due to the screaming of “Danger! Danger! Danger!” by the media;
3. The high number who will be referred by physicians who will learn of your training;
4. Those who cannot care for their own feet.

These groups are a large pool of clients, so getting these certifications can change everything for you. “Taking these courses was the best thing I have ever done,” says Gloria Haley, MNT, Sebring, FL.

Nailcare Academy (NCA) has high-quality advanced programs for nail technicians who want to attract clients in these populations as well as a high number of healthy ones. These online courses train nail technicians in the skills needed to tap these populations of clients, And they never leave this technician! “My clientele and income skyrocketed after taking these programs,” says Christina Riforgiatti, MNT, Oswego, IL. “My clientele is full of wonderful people, and I am blessed with a waiting list. And my lifestyle is where I’ve always wanted it to be.”

Nailcare Academy, offers three core courses plus many others to support your success.

The Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT)

The Wellness Nail Technician Program (WNT)

The Medical Nail Technician Internship (MNT)

The content of the courses is fresh and current, with updates as needed that are free to you. The delivery is innovative and works on any smart device—all you need is the internet. After passing the courses, you receive Certificates of Completion. Our customer service is on-the-spot and able to help you find solutions for your unique situations.

As mentors with decades of industry experience, we can provide authentic guidance for technicians toward high success. We want to guide you toward a rewarding specialty with clients who really need and appreciate you. Come join us in this exciting track in the industry you love. We want to give you MORE in your career.

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