ANT/FNT Bundle


The ANT/FNT Bundle includes the two courses needed to complete your Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) Certification Program.

  1. Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®) – 10 modules which must be completed first (6th Ed., 2022) along with BONUS Safe Salon® Concepts – FREE of charge! A $77 value to you.
  2. Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) – the same 10 Modules of the Medical Nail Tech (MNT®) – 4th Ed. (2022)

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Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT®)

Advanced Nail Technician - ANT - 6th ed. - revised 2022.

This course provides relevant information for the nail tech in working safely with all clients - especially those who have special health concerns and are seeking safe care in salons and spas.

Includes BONUS CERTIFICATION as a Safe Salon or Spa Professional! (The Safe Salon quiz is an additional 25 question quiz to the final ANT quiz.)

This course is 10 modules of directed learning and a comprehensive final quiz.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Please be certain of your purchase.



Footcare Nail Technician Program (FNT)

Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) Program - 3rd Ed. - revised 2019.

The Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) Certification Program takes the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) to the next level, expanding your knowledge base for safe, aseptic services. After completion of the prerequisite ANT, the FNT course prepares you with even more in-depth knowledge for working safely with chronically ill clients and supports further insight on working in a medical practice and maintaining referral relationships with physicians and podiatrists.

You will learn to recognize medical conditions which require referring your clients to medical practitioners such as podiatrists, diabetes specialists, dermatologists, wound care specialists and others.

This course is 10 modules of directed learning and a comprehensive final quiz.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Be certain of your purchase.


The ANT/FNT Bundle of courses contains three separate Certifications: The Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®), the Safe Salon® Concepts Certification and the Footcare Nail Tech (FNT). There are two sets of modules which should be taken in the following order:

  1. Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification is earned upon passing exam and the Safe Salon Concepts Certification is earned upon passing a separate exam (Module 7).
  2. Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) Certification is earned upon passing an exam.

***The FNT requires completion of the ANT Program as a prerequisite to Achieve Certification ***

The ANT provides certification in providing aseptic cosmetic nail services for your clients who have special health concerns. Those with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, heart conditions and other chronic illnesses cannot risk pedicures with less than excellent infection control. You will learn to implement obvious aseptic techniques which will immediately identify to your clients that you are far beyond the typical “nail shop.” Upon receiving your certification, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to provide safe, careful services for all your clients.

Also included in this program, the Safe Salon Concepts module sums up the core learning in the ANT Program and provides an additional Certificate for you as a “Safe Salon Professional” as well as for your marketing efforts.

The Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) Certification builds upon the foundation laid by the ANT and will uniquely qualify you to provide cosmetic services for clients who would not normally be able to experience pedicures. You will be able to work with clients referred from physicians and podiatrists who will trust that you will be able to give excellent foot care of their patients. You will also be able to perform toenail enhancement services for those with healthy, yet damaged nail plates.

To take the FNT course, you must have completed the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Program. That’s why the ANT/FNT Bundle is ideal. These courses prepare you further for working in environments with clients who need your expertise.  The price listed includes the ANT and the FNT Modules, and as a Bonus, the Safe Salon Concept course is included – a $77 value!


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Foot Care Nail Technician Bundle
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Wendi

I enjoyed these lessons.

Wendi, we are thrilled you enjoyed your training at NA! Best wishes as you integrate your new knowledge.

 by Julie Birkland

I enjoyed the learning - I will post my certifications and raise my prices!

Julie, congrats on all your achievements! We're so proud!

 by Lisa Franzen

As the owner of Nail Solutions, I was looking for a program to amplify knowledge without committing to working in a Doctor's office. I am truly happy to have completed the Footcare Nail Technician Certification. The gained knowledge and confidence will impact my client services and communication with Doctors.

Lisa, this is the exact reason we wrote this course. Thank you for your feedback!

 by Tallia N. Ferrell

I know Karen and Janet actually care about you succeeding in your new journey of becoming an ANT, MNT, Or FNT. I learned a lot that is not taught in nail school and I definitely learned a lot, and I definitely will apply what I have learned to all my clients to keep them healthy while providing services.

Talia, you are so right....cosmetology schools teach "the minimum requirements" and we want all of our students to work at a much higher level! Best wishes!

 by Tina Porter

The time and information Nailcare Academy has included in this training is above and beyond my expectations. The in depth information of the modules really places the student at a level that is sure to bring our industry to a higher level of professional. As an educator I stress continued education, client protection, infection control, and above any other school of its kind Nailcare Academy is dedicated to the student and their growth. Thank you for all the work preparing and delivering such an incredible education.

Thank you so much, Tina, for such a glowing endorsement. We respect your expertise as an educator, so it means that much more to us.


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