NCA MNT Bundle


NA’s MNT Bundle includes two courses:

  1. NA MNT Program (10 modules) – 3rd Ed. (2019)
  2. Internship Module (1 module) (2019)

You must have the ANT in your Account to purchase this Bundle. The NA ANT is a prerequisite.

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NCA MNT Internship Program

NCA MNT Internship Program (2022) - This course is 1 module of detailed information you can utilize in seeking an internship with a foot care medical provider in your community. A 40-hour Internship is a requirement for earning credentials as a NCA Medical Nail Tech and is an excellent bridge to working in a medical setting.

The price of the Internship Module is not included in the NCA WNT Bundle. It is available for purchase here separately for those who have completed the prerequisites and are now seeking an internship to become a medical nail technician. It is included in the WNT + Internship Bundle, which includes the ANT, the WNT and the Internship as an inclusive purchase.


NA Medical Nail Tech – 10 modules and an exam
NA Internship – One module to view plus 40 hours of hand-on clinical training

11 total modules and a comprehensive exams plus a 40-hour internship working with a physician or medical foot care provider will prepare you for a successful career providing foot care in a medical venue such as a podiatry office, long-term living facility, foot care clinic, diabetes clinic, and so forth.

Nailcare Academy’s Medical Nail Technician Certification is designed specifically to train you to work successfully in a medical setting – whether a physician’s office, medical clinic, long-term care facility and many other venues. Your training as a nail technician in providing cosmetic services or Routine Foot Care for clients will be augmented to allow you to safely work with those who have special health considerations.

This Certification will uniquely qualify you to provide cosmetic services that a medical or podiatric assistant cannot: after performing Routine Foot Care, you will be able to finish the patient’s nails in a pedicure. You will also be able to perform toe nail enhancement services for those with healthy, yet damaged nail plates.

The MNT incorporates an mandatory 40-hour Internship program, where you will seek interning in a medical setting to support your learning and skills. We also recommend this portion of the program to help you determine if this is a career you will choose.

In order to take the MNT course, you must have completed the Advanced Nail Technician Program. This course builds upon the foundation laid by the ANT and prepares you further for working within a medical environment. The price listed includes the MNT and Internship Modules.


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Medical Nail Tech Program
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 by Anonymous

Two things I learned--Always stay in my SOP. Improve on foot assessments in regards to foot conditions. Glad I furthered my education because the beauty industry is everchanging.

Those two things are key learning points! So glad to see you embrace them!

ANT is Prerequisite

To purchase this course, you must have purchased the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Program first.


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