In order to complete the Certification Program, please answer the Survey Questions, below, then click on the “Send” button at the bottom left. After you submit your Survey, please allow us a few days to verify your status and you will sent an email with a private link to download your Certificate of Completion.

Survey Questions

This Survey is necessary in order to complete the Certification process. Where relevant, please mark 1-5, with 1 as low, 5 as excellent. For others, mark yes or no or write in where necessary.

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We need your Username to locate your records.

2. Please provide your FULL mailing address in the event downloading your certificate is not possible for some reason.

If on the internet, which site?

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to utilize the information provided in this course to work within my appropriate Scope of Practice in accordance with the relevant regulations of my professional license.

Typing in my name indicates my understanding of my commitment to work within my scope of practice.

Thank you for participation in our program. Please allow us time (up to 10 business days) to verify that you have completed all the necessary steps:
  1. Pass the Exam
  2. Complete and Submit this Survey
Once all these activities have been completed, we will email you a link where you can download your Certificate of Completion. Congratulations! NAILCARE ACADEMY Copyright 2021, Nailcare Academy. All rights reserved.
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