Barbara Darby

Washington DC

There was a lot of information in the course. It really stood out that I thought I knew a lot but didn’t. It’s important to continue your education in order to be the best about what you are passionate.

Jennifer Morgan

Jackson, MI

This was a really great experience! I learn best through audio and visuals so this was PERFECT for me. This was absolutely a mind opener. I learned so much more and I’m ready to apply this new knowledge. It feels AMAZING and I’m ready for the next step of my career.

Nova Voorheis,
Nova Nails

Littleton, CO

It was a ton of fun and the work is very rewarding. I’m looking forward to my new skillset! Thank you for creating this course, It has helped me be a better and safer nail tech for my clients. I am very grateful these courses exist!

Tanya Williams,
Amber Aesthetics

Newport News, VA

Because of this program, I’m better able to grow a business and potentially receive referrals from area Podiatrists for services.

Amber Bush

West Depford, NJ

I feel this course has definitely “leveled up” my nail career. Excellent Material!!! Excited to rebrand my nail career with these certifications!

Olivia Clemmons

Newton, NC

The details and depth of this program are unreal. The study questions and learning activities really helped me retain the information.  I enjoyed going through the course and learning all the extra information.

CJ Murray,
CJ’s Centre of Beauty,

Largo, FL

I absolutely 100% recommend the Nailcare Academy classes. Janet is a wealth of information. Her classes are professionally done, are clear & concise and right on target. In addition, her classes are constantly updated and she is always looking for ways to better serve our technicians. Janet always makes herself available for one-on-one conversations to assist in any way possible to support her graduates’ success. Her classes are always my #1 recommendation.

Christina Riforgiate,
ANT, MNT, Safe Soles Foot Care,

Oswego iL

I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without Nailcare Academy, and Janet. I truly believe that she cares about my success just as much as I do. I don’t just see her as my teacher, I truly feel she is family. Thank you Janet for all that you do

~Erika Allison,
ANT, MNT, FNT, WNT, Nufeet Pedicures,

Smyrna, GA,

Nailcare Academy is more than just a class, but a movement. A community of nail technicians that see the bigger picture when it comes to providing safe pedicures for people that have health concerns. NuFeet would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for my start with Nailcare Academy.”

Victoria Lavrenov,

Walnut Creek, CA

I’ve seen a lot and learned on my own about “baby boomer” foot/hands conditions. But since we were not allowed to work with specific conditions, I decided to become a medi-pedi specialist. I was doing research online and found Nail Care Academy. I’m definitely more confident now in what I want to do and in how I want to use this new knowledge. I`m not done yet. I have a few more courses to go.

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