Time…. Is $$$

One of the things one must do to be successful in any field is control their tasks for quality and efficiency. That includes doing a task well in the shortest time possible. That is especially true in the beauty industry – the more services we can do in a given time, the more money we make. But that means they also all must be done in the highest quality of care possible to justify a fair price.

Time and Money

Time and money correlation is easily demonstrated. For example, one technician takes an hour and a half to perform a pedicure (or fill, or whatever), and another takes one hour. Both work 9 AM-6 PM and charge $50 per service (Lunch is a ghost for these two techs – eating when they can. Sound familiar?) The 1 ½ hour per service technician can take six clients in these nine hours, while the 1 hour per service tech takes eight in the same amount of time – and has time to eat, possibly even take a break as she has an hour to spare. Or time to squeeze in an extra client. The 1 ½ hour technician brings in $300, while the one-hour technician brings in $400 plus. The difference? Time of service.

The Problem may not be speed

The difference between the two technicians is usually the nuances of performing services. These are the usual time-eaters in performing services.

  • Looking up to communicate while performing a service – Americans are taught it is polite to look the person you are talking to in the eye. In services, if a technician talks a lot, a half hour is eaten up fast!

This is a habit easily broken and your service time lowered quickly if someone is willing to help you with Time Stress Sessions. During services, a friend (or boss) sits somewhere near but where the client cannot see her. Then, when the skill part of the service starts, the friend taps the table (or edge of the table) with a pen or something when the technician looks up, two or three times that makes a small sound. You will be tuned into the sound and know you must look back down at the hands or feet. The client will not usually hear it – unless you consciously look at the tapping person. (A no-no.) 

  • Applying too much product – this is especially true in building enhancements because then the finish takes forever. But this also is true when adding too much lotion and oils, etc; massaging it in takes more time. Let’s also mention the wasted products!


  • Setting up after the client gets into the chair. Wonder why you need to arrive at the start of your shift at least 15 minutes early? To get your implements and products ready for the day and into fast and easy-to-set-up range. Many techs use the rolling carts sold to hair designers (see picture), using each tray as set up for the next client and the breakdown of the last. More trays can be purchased to slip in when you have used all 6 in the day – roll the cart to the dispensary, take out the dirty trays and put in the (already set up in the AM) new ones for the rest of the clients of the day. Yes, you need many more sets of implements, but the time and stress savings pay for them.


If everything is ready, all you do is clean your station or pedicure area and re-set it all up in a flash, then you can get into the next service mode with ease. No hunting for things, no borrowing things, no “are we out of ….” You can be ready with no hassles. The stress is an energy zapper also.


  • Gossiping is a time killer in a service. Admit it – your mind is not where it should be when gossiping during a service. If this is what your table or pedicure chair is known for during services, you are wasting time and being unprofessional. It is a difficult habit to break…the clients are used to it as you trained them that way. And it is costing you (and your owner if you are an employee) in real money. And professional respect.

Techs have arrived at professional speed when they become so fast, though high quality and efficient they can take a break between clients. And possibly even eat!

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