What is an ANT?


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The Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification is a credential your nail technician has earned through extraordinary efforts to know more so s/he can give more care to you…the client who can’t afford to risk an infection in a salon.

This nail technician is a licensed professional who has completed 10 modules of comprehensive training far beyond the minimum requirement of your state’s cosmetology board. S/he has learned a higher standard of practice than taught in any school where the ANT course is not offered. S/he knows more about these topics:

  • Anatomy of the feet and ankles
  • Discussion and definition of “at-risk clients”
  • Pedicures and precautions for at-risk clients
  • Home care education for clients
  • How to create referral relationship with medical providers
  • Diseases and disorders seen by the nail tech
  • Understanding Sanitation, Disinfection and Sterilization
  • CDC requirements for safe protocols
  • OSHA requirements and implementation in the salon
  • How to create a  Safe Salon® and introduce it into the community
  • And more

This nail technician does more in daily practice to safeguard clients than non-certified technicians will ever know. Typical foot care treatments with an ANT include these extra considerations:

  • Client questionnaires are utilized which gather information about your unique health conditions
  • Every service begins with an assessment of your hands and/or feet to determine the appropriate level of care
  • The technician is trained to recognize “not normal” and make a professional recommendation–whether to continue with a modified service or refer you to a podiatrist or other physician
  • Aseptic techniques are used throughout the salon in this Safe Salon
  • Modern “skin care based” hand and foot care treatments (rather than the old soak until you’re a prune) will give the skin of your hands and feet much better and longer lasting results — while being safer with less chance of waterborne infections
  • Disposable, single-use items are used and then thrown away in your sight
  • Quality stainless steel implements are disinfected in high-level disinfection techniques (Tuberculocidal) OR sterilized in an autoclave pouch which is opened in front of you
  • Personal Protection Equipment is used – gloves, masks, eye wear and aprons or smocks which guard against injury and transfer of infection
  • Professional recommendations are made for your home care in order to help you maintain the results of your services
  • If any out-of-normal conditions are observed during your services, s/he will talk to you about seeing the appropriate medical provider. This nail tech stays strictly within Scope of Practice and will not be talked into performing medical treatments during a manicure or pedicure.

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If you are seeking safe, careful care of your hands and feet, you are in good hands with a Certified Advanced Nail Technician. The ANT’s training is far above and beyond what can practically be taught in a standard curriculum. The required dedication and hard work required to achieve the ANT status is an indication of a technician who cares more and of his or her dedication to excellence.